1970 - 1980


The Big “O” 1970

  The Ontario Motor Speedway was the most expensive and by far the most grand racing stadium in the United States and perhaps the world, at the time of her construction in 1968.

A  2-1/2 mile banked oval wider and faster than Indy, a road course to attract Formula 1 (Indy had none), a drag strip to lure the then growing NHRA drag racing series, a first class restaurant with a “Victory Club” atmosphere, Wall Street Investment Bankers,  Hollywood stars to promote the star appeal, ---What went wrong?  What really happened?

To start with..the track initially had a  first class operating group headed by Dave Lockton and a group of Wall Street money-men.  The City of Ontario didn’t recognize what they had with these guys.  The facility had a debt service too high for the revenue source generated by the track and the city would not  budge on the original agreement. 

The story continues....